"Virtual Tour" of the cattery

Entrance gates to JungleKatz and Dragonwood Farm:



The cattery is our beautiful barn which has been remodelled with indoor cat rooms and

access to the outdoor "cat yards".

Here is the area around the cattery

Below is a view of the some of the out door cat yards. Each run has access to a 12 x 16 room indoors with cat trees, toys, etc. We give the cats heated beds in the winter and the white hose you can see on the front of the cat runs is the misting system for summer time. This is the east side of the building, so they are in shade during the hottest part of the day.


This is the view the cats have from their yards:

Mom cats and their kittens have a large nursery to themselves with heat and air conditioning.
Teenage kittens in play area of nursery


Here's the view of the Sutter Buttes at sunset from the kitten room window:

Of course kittens and cats also spend time in the house:

We hope you enjoy your visit to our "virtual cattery"and welcome you to email us with any questions or comments you may have.

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