Oct 12, 2009


Thanks to all the wonderful people who have taken JungleKatz "babies" into their families! Here are a few of our cats and the very special people they own:




Hi Bonnie,
Mr. T is doing surprisingly well considering he's in a new home. We can tell he wants a little time by himself for now. We are really happy with him. Thank you for the helpful tips and adding me to his microchip
registration. Actually, thank you for everything!
You have a great cattery. I would highly recommend you to anyone!
Best regards,
Amy, Northern CA


Hi Bonnie,
     Here's the update as promised! All in all I think the girls did well in the car (to Oregon). Phanta definitely did a little better I guess from her past experiences going to shows. They would both meow every once in a while, but I would talk to them and tell them it's alright and we'll be there soon. I played music for them and it seemed to quite them down. I did stop and give them water ( neither needed to use the litter box) and let them walk around inside the car a bit. We arrived about 6:15. We immediately carried them into their room, brought in the litter box, toys etc., and then I fed them. Richard and I went to the store and bought them a cat tree, more toys, catnip, brush etc. We closed them in the room last night. (I left the closet light on for them) This morning I went down and fed them again, played a bit, and then I left the door open to see what they would do. They both ran out and started exploring. They're been cautious, but I think they're having a great time. Every once in a while they'll stop and pounce on one another, but in a playful way. Lily loves to be scratched and petted, she's purring up a storm, and Phanta comes for quick pets and then runs off for more adventures. I honestly think they will adjust very quickly.  They haven't ventured upstairs yet, I think partly cause there's so much downstairs to still explore.
We're going to town in a while to pick up more food for them.

     So, Bonnie, be assured that they are both doing very well!! I'm thrilled, and so is Richard. They are such beauties!!
I will definitely keep you posted on their progress.
Thanks so much again. They are a delight!
Take care,
Vicki, Oregon

Hi Bonnie,
I wanted to give you an update on Gus ... you'll see he is getting BIG! Swear to God it seems like he grows every night and he eats like a horse and plays like a dog to work it off.  He has the character of mischevious little boy with the world at his disposal, with nothing off limits he won't explore. He hates to be picked up but insists Karen or I put our arm around him while he sleeps at night, he's a luv-bug "pet me" lap kitty...he just doesn't like the "trapped" sensation of being held. He terrorizes our other cat "Grizzy", by treating her like Inspector Clouseu from the Pink Panther movies, attacking her from every nook, cranny or perch he can find. Grizzy is slowly and relunctantly coming to the conclusion that Gus isn't going anywhere and she's finally accepting him into the house... His color is changing quickly and he's really a gorgeous kitty... Anyway, Gus says hi and thanks again, we couldn't be happier.
Jay & Karen



Hi Bonnie,
As a breeder, you must get a lot of emails from your customers.  But, I just wanted you to know Cheo and Vader are doing fine.  They are adjusting well.
I didn't want to email you too soon to say we are a family.  But today, I believe we are a family.  Cheo and Vader love licking each other.  They also love playing cat tag running throughout my home, even 12 at night.  And anytime I want to pet them, I get out the rope and play string with them.  They come running!!!  By the way, da bird died a week after I got it.  I think there is only one feather left on the stick.
I can't bring myself to give up the cats.  I love them.  And, I know they can't be separated.  If I put one cat in a room without the other, they are crying for each other.  When I look at Cheo, all I see is love looking back.  And I didn't understand what it means to have a Free wild cat like Vader in my home.  Vader has this unbelievable bond with me.  Vader is always watching me, even in the bathtub.  I will be watching TV, Vader will come up to me and scratch my toe to see if I am awake or alive.  Vader also does this when I AM sleeping in bed at night.
Finally, I know Cheo and Vader love me too.  I don't know any girl that would spend hours smelling (and licking) the inside of my shoes !?!  Do you?
Thank you for the wonderful cats,
Kenneth, Indiana


An update on Yoshi and first photos of Yoko:

They're all grown up. But they continue to be the best of friends... I hope you're well.~Loredana, N. California

Dear Bonnie . . .
Well, what can I say?  The picture says it all.
Mioche now rules the roost.  She is never more than three feet away from Oncinha and when not, she ALWAYS announces herself when she enters the room, calling to her.
They sleep together, eat together, and are forever playing.  I left an empty cardboard box in the living room, and the two of them hide from each other in it, then spring out and chase each other from one room to another, then back again, all at break-neck speed.  Then they wrestle around and bite each other in play.  It's too funny.
Mioche is quite aggressive for her size, too. She pushed Oncinha aside, if she want to eat what Oncinha is eating, even with two separate bowls filled with the same food.  And she still 'spats' at me in the morning when she jumps on the bed to check me out.  I guess a discombobulated head and an arm, is too scary for her.  I'm surprised she can't remember it's me, though.
Oncinha is yawning.

Love these kitties!!!!
I have also been doing some reading about Bengals on the Internet and am thrilled with how many GREAT points Mioche has, when it comes to judging their look.  She has great spearhead spot markings, the red nose with the black outline, the mascara eyes, the black tipped tail, and the glitter of her pelt, especially in the sun light.  The only thing that wasn't in her favor was her size and the one stripe that is on her right rib cage.  Apparently, a stripe there isn't too acceptable for judging.  But I don't care, because I'm not showing her, just LOVING her a lot. 
Thanks again for my wonderful "jungle" cat.
Jean-Pierre, Southern CA





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