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Welcome to JungleKatz Bengals! We are a small cattery dedicated to producing beautiful happy, healthy kittens who will fit into almost any family. Having bred top National Champion Spanish Andalusian horses for the past 19 years, we have used the same careful selection process in choosing our breeding cats that we did when selecting our National Champion producing mares and stallions. Our goal is to produce friendly, outgoing cats with wild head and body type as well as exotic, rosetted patterns and beautiful glittered, pelted coats. Our cats and kittens receive excellent veterinary care and live in a very clean, homey environment. They are fed premium brand name cat food and each cat is evaluated daily for possible changes in needs. In addition, we spend many hours of quality "play time" with our cats. Our kittens are very well socialized and adapt well to their new homes. We also attend TICA cat shows in order to rate our breeding program's progress and also to help educate the public about the wonderful Bengal breed. We really do love our cats and love to show them off!

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Feb 28, 2008: See our exciting "Breeder/Show Boys", "Vader" is available as a pet or breeder.
Feb 28, 2008: Check out our updated SHOW RESULTS for this year!

(May 8, 2008: Click here to see new kitten photos)

Mar 24, 2008: I have finally updated the Extended Family/Testimonials page with some of our wonderful 2007 kitten buyers

Mar 27 2008: See the gorgeous photos of our show cats taken by Jim Brown at the Monterey Show

May 7, 2008: Our Grand Champion stud Snopride ImAnIdolToo has tested clear of HCM or any other Heart Disease

May 8, 2008: Our gorgeous 10 month old show boy "Mark Of Destiny" is now available as a top quality pet

We currently have two young (9-10 months old) friendly, rosetted females available as pets


Click here for the latest news regarding the so-called "Healthy Pet initiative"

Please click on the links below for more information about our beautiful cats. We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome you to email us with any questions or comments you may have.


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* TICA Registered Cattery, member of The International Bengal Society & The International Cat Association *

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